IBEX35 CFD Trade Profit Calculation

Main parameters

Instrument: The IBEX 35IBEX 35 logo  contraction of Índice Bursátil Español, literally Spanish Exchange Index) is the benchmark stock market index of the Bolsa de Madrid, Spain’s principal stock exchange.The IBEX 35 is the official index of the Spanish Continuous Market. The index is comprised of the 35 most liquid stocks traded on the Continuous market. It is calculated, supervised and published by the Sociedad de Bolsas. The equities use free float shares in the index calculation.

Lot Size
Minimal lot value is 0.1 and maximum is 100
Contract parameters (optional)


Contract size: 100 CFD
Tick: 0.01
Pip value: 92.50 EUR
Swap short: -77.54 EUR
Swap long: -58.82 EUR
Margin at current market price: 4812.91 EUR
Commission: 0.00 EUR
Profit: 1017.53 EUR


Calculating the Spreads

The spread is one of the fundamental costs involved in CFD trading – the tighter the spread is, the better is for the trader .Sometimes there are other potential costs to consider, for example in CFD trading some brokers charging a commission charge in specific markets or a combination of spread and commission.

to calculate The spread deduct the buy quote from the sell quote



example 1  -spread = -6447.7 6446.7 = 1



example 2  -spread = 16537.3-16536 .4=0.9

An Example of a CFD Trade on DAX30 Calculation

The best way to demonstrate the profit or loss on a CFD trade is a worked example.

The DAX is a stock market index consisting of the 30 major German cooperations trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
Minimal lot value is 0.1 and maximum is 100
Contract parameters (optional)


Contract size: 100 CFD
Tick: 0.01
Pip value: 10.73 CHF
Swap short: -68.20 CHF
Swap long: -40.99 CHF
Margin at current market price: 2611.99 CHF
Commission: 0.00 CHF
Profit: 1931.31 CHF



Example of FTSE 100 CFD Profit Calculation
An example of brent-oil-CFD-profit-calculation
DAX30 forms Bearish BAT pattern, good to sell on rallies

Example of Gold CFD Trading Profit Calculation

Main parameters
Instrument Gold
Lot size 100
Leverage 10
Minimal lot value is 0.1 and maximum is 100
Contract parameters


Contract size: 10000 oz
Tick: 0.001
Pip value: 10.00 USD
Swap short: -248.00 USD
Swap long: -353.00 USD
Margin at current market price: 1256940.00 USD
Commission: 0.00 USD
Profit: 10800.00 USD

CFD Gold Futures Trading Example

The Main Disadvantages of CFD Trading

An Example of Trading CFD with Leverage

Enhanced Regulation by Financial Regulators on Retail Derivatives Trading

Contract of differencesEnhanced regulation by major financial regulators and watchdogs around the world caused several high-profile CFD Forex and binary options brokers to exit those markets. In addition, Raised capital requirements have made it difficult for some CFD and binary options brokers to compete. Regulatory differences between the regulated markets. and unregulated markets include lower leverage limits, up to 5:1 compared to 888:1 offered in unregulated markets, and limited access to other over-the-counter derivatives. The best CFD, Forex, nd binary options brokers are well capitalized, understand the dynamic regulatory environment, and offer their access to wider range of financial assets and instruments.

Singapore (MAS) requires a Minimal margin restriction of 1:50 maximal leverage ratio, and even lower for certain underlying assets– e.g. 10% for CFDs included in an index,1:5 for equities not in liquid index Consulting on increasing Forex trading margin requirement to 20:1


The FCA is tightening rules on CFD’s leverage

CFD Trading Example For Beginners

Banks VS Fintech A complex battlefield

Banks are now recognizing that fintech companies typically are an opportunity than a more than a competition.
With their prevalence amongst consumers, GAFFA customer-centric approach generates companies begin to offer targeted financial services that meet specific needs.
Fintech is a portmanteau of financial technology that describes an emerging financial services sector in the 21st century. Originally, the term applied to technology applied to the back-end of established consumer and trade financial institutions.

    Trading CFD with Leverage enhance the prospects for big profits

    There is only one single reason that people get involved in any form of investment, including CFD trading. This is so that they can hopefully make a profit.
    It is true that CFD trading involves a significant amount of risk and the trades are closing faster than you expected because of the high leverage.the risk of losing all of your investment is always there.on the other hand, the prospect to make a big profit is always exists

    Despite this level of uncertainty, the fact that traders know that one successful trade can provide a huge income. XM.com offers 1:888 let us see what does it mean.
    For example, with a $200 investment, you can buy 177600 worth of silver CFDs, using 1:888 leverage.
    888200 =177600.
    If the price of silver gain or lose 0.5. you will profit 4933.3
    0.5= 4933.3

    The calculation of the profit will be 4933.3. Which means he made a profit of 4933.3 USD using only $200 USD.

    Always remember that one One must have the prospect of a promised land to have the strength to try again and again.
    You also probably know that you should choose a reliable and professional CFD broker as your partner. To choose a reliable CFD broker, visit pdextrading and choose of listed firms.

    The key Elements of CFDs and how to trade them


    CFD trading involves 3 Simple actions

    Choosing an asset to trade on
    In case you want to trade silver If the price of one ounce of silver is $ 18, one CFD on Oil will also be worth $18.

    Choose a lot size
    By using leverage traders can buy up to 500 times more silver with their funds. For example, with a $ 200 investment, you can buy $ 100000 worth of silver CFDs, using 200: 1 leverage.
    $ 500 x 200 = $ 100,000

    Choosing a Position
    Using CFD traders could profit Even when the markets are bearish. If, for example, in case they predict that silver prices will drop, the open a short position( “Sell” ).

    Closing trade and calculating the outcome
    If the price of silver has dropped to $ 17.5 and the trader decides to close your ‘sell’ deal.

    The calculation of the profit will be 100000/18*0.5 =2777.7. Which means he made a profit of 2777.7 USD using only 200 USD

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    Britain seems to be ready for a “hard Brexit”.Even though the UK wants a clean break to regain control over immigration. The chief negotiator of the British exit from the euro EU affairs (Michel Barnier) lists the main points for negotiations, saying the need to reach a consensus as soon as possible about citizenship, border and financial aspects.

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