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Forskolin a common natural remedy in Indian medicine

Forskolin , Scientific Name(s): Plectranthus barbatus . Lamiaceae (mint family)
Forskolin is a common natural remedy in Indian medicine that is extracted from the root of the COLEUS FORSKOHLII. Traditionally it is being used to treat insomnia, convulsions, heart disease, cables (glaucoma), for the treatment of asthma and in the case of obese people must lose weight. But the plant that grows in Nepal, India and Thailand came to the West and become material derived from Forskolin, medicinal uses a wide range of medical problems and physical distress

What are the medicinal uses of Forskolin?

Forskolin to asthma, weight loss, for the purposes of the Body Building (plant burns fat), to prevent blood clots forming thrombosis, high blood pressure, and treatment of cables (glaucoma: IOP). It is also possible for people with allergies because it inhibits histamine (immune cells release histamines). Forskolin can also expand the blood vessels and thus can also be the problem of impotence in men and cancer.

Forskolin weight loss / weight loss

Forskolin reduces fatigue and hunger, and it increases the burning of fat. 12-week study conducted in 2005 showed that obese men taking a daily Forskolin has helped them reduce fat mass and increase significantly the bone and muscle. It should be noted that this success of Forskolin in the context of obesity proof only for men, not for women.

Forskolin alternative treatment for skin cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer

Has been shown that in laboratory conditions Forskolin inhibits the spread of metastases and in patients with colorectal cancer is preventing the growth of cancer cells. Even in the context of skin cancer (melanoma) has Lforskolin “statement” is part of ointments alcoholism tan to light-skinned people are not exposed to the sun can not be kidnapped Hzkh- melanoma (skin cancer). Another proven that Forskolin stimulates apoptosis of gastric cancer cells (causing them to burst into the mechanism of self-suicide) and reduces the risk of metastasis of lung cancer.

Forskolin against anxiety, depression and unstable moods

In people with depression have an acute shortage of both Noirotrsimitorim brain: serotonin and adrenaline. Forskolin know to increase the presence of these substances in the brain and significantly eases the depression and anxiety. Another proven that he can be a complementary treatment for people with Parkinson’s disease or those suffering from other diseases in which nerves are damaged because it has the ability to repair damage of glycation and oxidation on the nerve cells.

Forskolin: What are the recommended doses?

It is customary to take the ball Forskolin one of 10 mg before breakfast but very basically depends on which disease is possible: for example asthma take ten milligrams for two to six months, obesity has taken 250 milligrams of extract Forskolin 10 percent.

Side effects of Forskolin

· Acute blood pressure lowering can cause blurring and dizziness.
· Raising the heart rate
· Increasing the level of acidity in the stomach
· Nausea, heartburn and indigestion
Who should not take Forskolin?

Forskolin should not be taken concurrently taking blood thinners or blood pressure-lowering drugs (for example, people who take medication such as beta-blockers). Also Forskolin forbidden to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

SpotOption is the most popular binary options trading platform

spot-option-logoSpotOption is the most popular binary options trading platform. This platform powers about 70% of the binary options trading websites in the market (120 website),

The SpotOption is a white lable binary options platform that includes several parts that make up a complete solution for binary options brokers. Web-based front-end that is customized and brandable by each broker , Robust trading engine which allows the trades to take place and fully integrates you to feeds from top feed providers such as Reuters, Connection to various payment processors which allow secure money transactions, Risk Management which combines sophisticated automated technology along with the human judgment of Spotoption’s expert risk analysts who monitor each brokers activity, Customer Relations Management (CRM) which allows the brokers complete access to all information regarding their business activity, Content Management System (CMS) that gives the provider the ability to change the content in his own site independently.

The SpotOption platform equips the binary options service provider with all the tools necessary to stay in ultimate control of their operation. Each provider receive a dedicated designer who works together with the broker to ensure that the site will match the broker’s desires. With the CMS, the online broker have the power to edit and change the content of the site, and with the CRM, you have absolute access to all of the activity, from the marketing and sales phase to client retention and finance.

The software is very popular among UK binary brokers and UK forex brokers.

Quality standards for online gambling software.

The gambling software is defined as computer software that is used in connection with remote gambling server.
All online gambling software must meet some technical standards . The gambling software must be tested in accordance with the testing strategy prior to the game being made available for use.
The first criteria that all gambling software must meet is fairness,which is being tested by an expert 3rd party such as
GLI – Gaming Laboratories International. GLI is a large and well-respected firm that carries out independent tests on the fairness and accuracy of casino games.
Another Authority for testing casino software is eCogra -which was established to achieve the objectives of player protection, fair gaming and responsible conduct by operators, software providers, and relevant service providers.

The second criteria are security and safety of the software. All users data that saved on the software and all the transactions between the client to the server must be encrypted and protected against any type of malicious attack or data leak.Read more in

Most Casino providers use software such Mcafee ,Verisign Symantec, and other leading SSL security software which guarantee that The connection to this site is using a valid trusted server certificate.The connection to the casino software is using a strong protocol version and cipher suite and that  All resources on the online gambling website are served securely.Read more in

Those Standards Apply to all UK poker rooms and UK best online casinos.






Risks of Forex Trading

The forex market is a large, global, and generally liquid financial market. Banks, insurance companies, and other
financial institutions, as well as large corporations, Investor Assistance use the forex markets to manage the risks associated with fluctuations in currency rates.The risk of loss for individual investors who trade forex contracts can be substantial. The only funds that you should put at risk when speculating in foreign currency are those funds that you can afford to lose entirely, and you should always be aware that certain strategies may result in your losing even more money than the amount of your initial investment. Some of the key risks involved include:
• Quoting Conventions Are Not Uniform.
• Transaction Costs Can Turn Profitable Trades
into Losing Transactions.
• You Could Lose Your Entire Investment or
• Trading Systems May Not Operate as Intended.

• Fraud. Beware of get-rich-quick investment

As described above, forex trading in general presents significant risks to individual investors that require
careful consideration. Off-exchange forex trading poses additional risks, including:
• There Is No Central Marketplace. Unlike the regulated futures and options exchanges, there is no central marketplace in the retail off-exchange forex market. Instead, individual investors commonly access the forex market through individual financial institutions – or dealers – known as
“market makers.” Market makers take the opposite side of any transaction; for example, they may be buying and selling the same foreign currency at the same time. In these cases, market makers are
acting as principals for their own account and, as a result, may not provide the best price available in the market. Because individual investors often do not have access to pricing information, it can be difficult for them to determine whether an offered price is fair.
• There Is No Central Clearing. When trading
futures and options on regulated exchanges, a clearing organization can act as a central counterparty to all transactions in a way that may afford you some protection in the event of a default by your counterparty.

I recevied this spam mail titled :”How to profit from STUPID people (seriously)”

I recevied this spam mail titled :”How to profit from STUPID people (seriously)”

Before you go all “hate mail” on me… hear me out, ok?

What would you say if a popular store/shop in your neighbourhood did the following:

1. Left a list of their customers right there in the open

2. Allowed competing businesses to place a sign in their window



It’s like a farmer keeping the chicken coop doors open all night.

Well, lucky for you (as unbelievable as this may seem)…

There are online businesses RIGHT NOW that are willing to:

1. Let you access their highly-targeted customers, subscribers, prospects

2. Allow you to advertise right in front of their business/product (so you can steal sales)

And this is all above-board & legit.

No. We’re not talking about using those silly click-bait images on Fakebook (not a typo)

This is way more targeted.

About 10X more effective too.

Fact: Some folks call this traffic source the “Facebook killer”

Want to see how you can do this for literally pennies?

That’s why, whenever I have a question about this method, I only Skype-call this guy.

In fact, we just had a chat last Friday.

Right now you can pick his brain right here.

This costs less than a couple burgers + fries at Disney (seriously)

Crazy affordable until the 3X price hike at midnight (not false-scarcity. It’s happening).

To find out how you can cash-in on your not-so-smart competitors… while stealing their prospects and sales, go check this out.

Note: You may qualify for a $100 credit too. See website for details…

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P.S. Want to know the insane part in all this? Your competitors have full control and can shut this off at anytime. Instead… many of them let you openly hijack their traffic, leads and sales. See what I mean? So dumb. Before they wise up, get on this right now.

what do you think about it it passed gmail’s spam filter and landed in my inbox!

My Journey from Student to Trader

My name is Tim Mathews and I am 22 years old from Manchester, England. My story here is a real life experience from almost having to drop out of university to supporting myself to becoming completely self-sufficient while still completing my studies.
A Little Background
I come from a middle-class family; my parents have also instilled in me that education and hard work will eventually pay off. After completing high school, I had no clue what I wanted to study but my father was very clear about one thing when he said to me, “go study anything, feed your mind and you will figure it all out, but if you don’t go study something now, you will never find your place in this world”. At the time, all I really wanted to do was go find some work, party it up and worry about the future when it happened.
I was never very good at mathematics or sciences; I preferred subjects like English and history and so I finally enrolled for a BA in politics and modern history at the University of Manchester. I was still clueless about what I would do with this knowledge but I followed my father’s advice.

Binary options trading is a quite simple subject to learn

Binary options trading is a quite simple subject  to learn and a five minutes lesson about binary options basics is enough to start trading –
binary option have only two options in the money and out of the money . The binary options broker informs the trader the promised return percentage on your investment, normally between 75-89 percent. The trader choose the amount he wants to risk and the option’s expiry period. The final step is to click the Trade button.

Binary options enable traders to trade in a variety of assets including major currency pairs, commodities, stocks, and indices. .
There are three basic options types that a trader should be familiar with. The first and most basic one is the call/put option, which requiers the trader to predict if an asset price will rise or decline whithin the expirey period. The seconed type is the one touch trade. in thid option a preset target price is chosen in case the asset’s spot price touches this level until the option’s expiry, the trade is in the money The third type is the boundary option where the trader is given a range of prices by your broker and it is up to him to perdict whether your chosen asset’s price will end up within this price range or outside of it. enrich you understanding of the field.

The EUR/USD pair continues it’s calm trading week

The EUR/USD pair continues it’s calm trading week, as the currency pair is being traded now marginally above the 1.12 level. The EUR was traded against the USD, through the day, between a 1.1209 low to 1.1223 high,a moderate fluctuation of 0.04% ,closing at 1.1210., basically unchanged on the day. Eoonomic data from the United States today, durable goods orders remained unchanged for August, against an expected decline of 1.4%.
Forex traders closely monitor Germany’s GfK consumer confidence survey data for October, scheduled to to be released soon.

Binary Options Trading Continues to Attract Italian Investors

Binary Options ItalyThe popularity of Binary Options trading among Italians investors continues to gain momentum. Regardless to endless warnings about the huge risk involved with this type of speculation.
In fact today after the binary options market has matured and was covered intensively by the media we can assume that the dangers should be known to all. Despite this fact, binary options trading continues to gain considerable popularity among speculators around the world and especially in Italy.
Regardless on the information that is available about the risky nature of those instruments many DIY investors continue to direct their effort to this field of investment. The interesting point is that especially people who have little or no experience are turning to volatile world.
most web ads present these products as miraculous financial innovative tool which is able to generate easy money for those who use the . Of course the reality is quite different and statics shows that 85% of the money invested in binary options is lost by the investors.
My speculation to answer this enigma is simple: when people don’t have nothing to lose they lose it.The Italian stock market has lost about 20% of its value since the beginning of 2016. The interest on savings is zero, Many people who lost their jobs cannot find new jobs and young educated people do not find even their first job.At the same time we are all bombarded with “The Wolf from Wall Street” style stories and with the illusion that financing is the only place to make a living these days. Speaking generally people are anxiety and desperation drives them towards uncalculated decisions.
Here are few of many Italian binary options portals: a popular binary options magazine in Italy.
opzioni digitali an Italian binary options forum and one of the veterans of the binary options market.

This is the chart provided by Google Trends which demonstrate the popularity of the search “Opzioni Binarie” which stands for binary options in Italian