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Israels’s first drone magazine.

the rahfan  Magazine brings you the latest updates from the world of personal drones, including:

Basics of How drones work
Tutorials of flying drones for beginners
Flying tips
Buyers’ guide to drones and accessories
Test flights and reviews of latest new products
Latest Rules and regulations about drones
A guide to drone cameras
Future technology – what’s ahead for drones
Rahfan  perfect for those just getting into drones, to those using drones for professional purposes, with a variety of articles , tips and advice that’s easy to comprehend.
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Top 3 Swedish casinos online

Top 3 Swedish casinos online

ix-casinos is the largest webiste for gaming casino on the net, and guides to all casino games.

Top 3 Swedish casinos on the net. Enjoy playing the best casino games including Slots, Blackjack, Roulet, keno, bingo, live casino

No1) Europa Casino is an established online casino was founded in 2002 and offers over 350 different casino games such as slot machines, dice games, video poker, roulette, blackjack … check ix’s top 3 online list

A study of the Russian pharmaceutical market

A study of the Russian pharmaceutical market shows that the capacity and growth of the pharmaceutical market in Russia is still low comparing to the big population. The study included An analysis of output and the range of medicines. The strategy of revival of the pharmaceutical industry. Formation and regulation of the pricing policy of pharmaceutical institutions. Global trends in management system of quality in the production of medicines. The procedure for monitoring and evaluation of the quality. The system of drug supply in Russia. The draft national standard. .The Functions pharmaceutical distributor and Trends in the development of the wholesale pharmaceutical market and research position off Tamarpharma on it. Organizational-administrative conditions of the selection functions of the enterprise in the development and strengthening of economic ties in the domestic pharmaceutical market. Marketing research of the pharmaceutical market for Characterization economic situation in Sweden, the health system and social security. Characteristics and prospects of the pharmaceutical market in the country.

Top Swedish Guides for binary options

Binary options trading is sweeping the world of online trading around the world and Sweden is not legging behind ,
The Swedish traders are known for their high demands from their providers . If you want to find the best brokers for you which can meet all your demands in Sweden and in the Swedish language than The ob3tb lists for you all the top binary options brokers available in Sweden. In case you are looking for the best demo accounts than you can find a good list in 24 demo

Buy FIFA 16 Coins for your FIFA Ultimate Team

Buy FIFA 16 Coins for your FIFA Ultimate Team
With FIFA 16 everything will get better – really? Another year past again and a new FIFA FUT is available, with everything you expected from EA’s FIFA!

With the latest football game from EA Sports FIFA 16 makers promise sweeping changes. In addition to the treatment of the ball, improving players controls and a modifiable tactic was in particular the announcement of the introduction of the women’s team Pops par.

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Creating better living habits To Treat Acne

Creating better living habits

1. Eat healthy! Yes you have heard it before, but we emphasize it especially in this to get rid of acne naturally posts. Eating healthy foods is big facto of avoiding acne attacks. You have certainly heard about acne diet food stories. People who have been acne free and had clearer skin with the help of diet, Rawfood, Detox, fasting … you name it! There are many theories out there. Some believe that raw food has been saving others, no sugar, low carbohydrate diet and a high intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Good eating habits will give your skin back its luster. Try this for a few weeks, you should see a change. Come on! A few weeks pass you. But this with the premise that you must also take care of your skin off.

Sweating in Gym and Sauna
Fight acne by practicing. Yeah, fight on! Did you know that sweating cleans the pores and increases endorphin production in the skin. Try to get at least thirty minutes of physical activity six days a week for best results.

3. Wash your face twice a day.

Wash your face is a balance issue. Oil will build up and clog pores. Too much washing can also cause your face will lose its natural moisture ability. To get just the right amount of wash individually. Consider: Are you oily, dry, mature skin? We recommend that you wash your face 1-2 times a day. Opt for when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night for best results. Body Bazar tips on African Black soap. Super effective against acne / pimply complexion. Here is a video story. Good news for those who are desperately looking for a natural cleanser that really works on ACNE. You will fall in love. African Black soap can be found here.

4. Take control of your stress.

Stress is a major cause of pimples and can disrupt human lives. I am a turbo human and not really the right person to provide stress counseling. Your high anxiety levels could be the reason for your poor skin. Stress creates tallow oil that builds up and causes ugly pimples. To get your sebum levels under control. Doing everything possible to reduce stress. This is otherwise an article on how to manage stress to prevent acne outbreaks. Spend some time away from your work, school, or from people who make you rush more. You will praise your clear skin when you have learned to take control of stress.

5. Get enough sleep. Sleep is the body’s way of clearing out toxins from the body. If you do not get enough sleep, bad chemicals and result in your skin breaks out and get pimples. I personally have a night owl and several nights in a row slept badly. My skin took a beating and now I warn you others from not making the same mistakes. Try to get between 7-8 hours of sleep per night (even on weekends!) To help your body and skin to heal.

7. Drink plenty of water. Similarly sleep clears out hormonal buildup in the body, water also seems to clear out toxins in the body. Make sure that you drink about eight full glasses of water a day, even if it means extra trips to the loos Hahahaha!

8. Use natural tones. Toner is a liquid that is used to tighten and close the pores after you have washed your face and before moisturizing cream / serum. Use a natural tones on a daily basis after each wash. Use apple cider vinegar or witch hazel and apply it with a cotton pad to the entire face. Your pores will be smaller and it becomes more difficult for bacteria to enter and cause pimples. We also recommend warm rose water. Read more about the rose water here.

9. Avoid touching your face as much as possible. The hands are the dirtiest part of the body, because they often come in contact with so many things. Now, let me maybe bothersome. But you are suffering from acne, yes you there. Keep your dirty hands away from your face. Your skin will feel great and thank you. Then wash the towel 1x a week. Bacteria thrive in dirty unclean fabrics .

10. And last but not least. In addition to keeping hands in check, it can sometimes be tempting to squeeze the yellow of pimples. I understand that it can be frustrating to squeeze. Pinch you are not in the right way, you can get scars for life. If you do not want the scars for life, then you should make sure not to squeeze your pimples. natura formula to fight acne can be found on tevacos.com

Private Chef Offers Dinner For Two

• cooking and serving a 4-course meal for 2 people at the customer’s home
• Individual menu compilation together with the Mietköchin
• Includes ingredients and service
• 1 bottle of sparkling wine, including
hire • decoration, high-quality dishes and glasses
• travel expenses are paid on the spot (up to 15 km – 10, – Euro; 16-30 km – 20, – Euro; 31-50 km 30, – Euro)
• Cleaning up the kitchen
• Additional services can be booked locally (matching wines, additional courses, etc.)

• 2 people

• Ca. 2.5 hours

• Not possible

Open big map
You would like to surprise your sweetheart in your own home with a gourmet meal in a class, but do not want to spend the whole evening in the kitchen? In your experience Rent a Cook conjures a Mietköchin a delicious 4-course menu and ensures that you have a thoroughly enjoyable dinner for two experience. Preliminary discuss together with your private chef the meal and the table decorations. Your cozy evening with your sweetheart can come! We welcome you with a bottle of Prosecco and can be adjusted to talk to the following top menu. While you sit back and relax prepares the private cook various culinary delights in your kitchen. You are welcome to look over your shoulder and important tips and tricks to get even cooking. After the exclusive gourmet menu, to end the evening comfortably. Wash even now? That would make the mood broken. Your Mietköchin flushes, cleans up and will make your kitchen left as clean as found. For your dinner for two you can sit back and enjoy a culinary evening with a difference! FURTHER INFORMATION Please note that travel costs in the amount of 10, – Euro
Please specify when booking if you have any food intolerances (eg allergies or diseases such as diabetes). Any additional services, such as dishes, glasses, corresponding beverages etc. can be provided by the organizer surcharge. A Timely appointment is absolutely necessary more details at UDI MEiri