24option Offers a “Risk-Free binary options Trading” Promotion.

A Risk-Free trading provides the trader the opportunity to open any trade whose amount is less than or equal to 50 percent of the deposited amount.
Risk-free trading is subjected to the following conditions: 1) the trader informs the account manager before opening the position
2. the Trader agrees to accept the Trade Amount as a Cash Bonus.
3. The Cash Bonus has a minimum trading volume requirement of 50x times. e,g, if Euro 1,000 is deposited in a trading account, the client will be eligible to open one position up to a single Trade Amount of $500 as a Risk-Free trade after he informs the Account Manager of his plan. If the trade closes “in the money”, the trader will collect the invested amount plus the payout amount as normal; yet, if the trade closes “out of the money”, the trader will be credited with a $500 bonus to his trading account. As soon as he trades $25,000 (=$500 *50x) in Combined Trading Volume the Cash Bonus will automatically become ready for withdrawal.

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Bonus Types Offered by 24option to New Traders

24option offers the following bonuses to new traders.
1. IPAD – In order to qualify and receive an Ipad a minimum deposit of €25,000 deposit must be made to the trading account and a minimum of EUR 50,000 in trading volume must be reached
2.MacBook – In order to qualify and receive the MacBook a minimum deposit of €50,000 must be made to the trading account and a minimum of 100,000 in trading volume must be reached.
3. €24 New Account Bonus For Mobile Application – Any trader who downloads the 24option mobile app and registers for an account is eligible for a €24 bonus. The funds will automatically be credited to the new trader’s account.
This initial bonus offer is proposed to allow new users of 24option’s mobile platform the opportunity to try the trading platform before making a deposit.
Cash Bonus – 24Option offers to traders a Cash Bonus of a set amount. The amount is agreed with the trader and may differ from trader to trader according to to the amount
deposited by the trader.

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The FCA has Developed a Policy Regarding Risky Financial Instruments.

Following the recommendations and guidelines of the ESMA from October 2017, the FCA has set a new leverage maximum of 50:1. It is also banned bonuses or other benefits to promote risky financial instruments.
In mid-October 2016 the FCA issued a consultation document on its future aims. The paper was designed to provide a policy about the strategic preferences the FCA makes and will inform the regulator’s future strategy and framework.
the consulting paper was titled:” Enhancing conduct of business rules for firms providing CFD products to retail clients”
The FCA has developed the policy in the consulting paper in the context of the existing UK and EU regulatory framework.

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Mildronate What Is it And What It Is Used For

MILDRONATE-a synthetic gamabutirobetaino analog. This substance is found in every cell of the body. MILDRONATE- increases the workload and oxygen delivery efficiency in body cells, improves blood supply to tissues, Ischemia is generally caused by problems with blood vessels, Mildronate expands blood vessels, restoring the balance between oxygen entering the cell and its consumption, it restores the energy transport in the cell does not accumulate to harmful byproducts of metabolism and thus protect cells from damage.
Because of these properties Mildronate for a wide range of cardiovascular activity disorders.
Read here more information about Mildronate
Because of these properties of Mildronate, it is used for a wide range of cardiovascular activity disorders.
Mildronate used for the treatment of chronic heart failure.
5 Mildronate STORAGE
Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
Do not store above 25 ° C.
Store in the original package in order to protect from moisture.
Do not use. after the expiry date,



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A Keyword Spy Tool Is an Essential for Every SEO Professional

A keyword spy tool is an essential tool for every SEO professional which allows to literally “spy” on competitor’s websites keywords.
The keyword spy assists SEO experts in finding the keywords for which competitors websites rank in the organic Google SERPs. The tool also helps to discover for which keywords competitors websites advertise on Google AdWords. keyword spy tool provides precise answers to the following questions:

  • For which keywords competitors websites ranked on Google?
  • In which Geographic locations are competitors websites ranked on Google?
  • Which pages of the competitor’s websites are ranked for their keyword?
  • Which keywords competitors websites use on Google AdWords?
  • Which are the Competitors’ Most Profitable Keywords
  • In which languages and geographic locations competitors websites advertise on Google AdWords?
  • Which ads do competitors use for a singular keyword?

SEO/SEM Company Jerusalem provides Seo Services In Jerusalem

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high quality QX95 95mm FPV Racing Drone.

QX95 flies better, during the flight the drone will not be blocked by the wind blade.
The user only needs to provide with a remote control and a receiver to experience the indoor FPV flight.
.The QX95 BNF was set AUX1(CH5) to ARM/DISARM the motor before shipping, you can also adjust it.
high quality QX95 95mm FPV Racing Drone.
3K carbon fiber frame, light, and durable, with a wheelbase of 95mm
– SP Racing F3 EVO brushed flight controller V2.0 comes with buzzer supports 1S ( 4.2V ) and 2S ( 8.4V ) voltage input as well as PPM, SBUS, DSM / DSM2 / DSMX signal input
– STM32F303CCT6 + MPU6500, top configuration, ensures the stable flight of the drone
– FrSky 8CH PPM SBUS receiver, compatible with FrSky X9D / XJT / DJT / DFT / DHT protocols
– AIO FPV camera, 520TVL 120 degree FOV, integrated with 5.8G 32CH 25mW video transmitter
– 8520 coreless motor, compatible with 3.7V input
– the kit Includes 3.7V 600mAh 25C LiPo

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The CySEC has published that a €175,000 fine imposed to Novox Capital Ltd.

Novox is a Cyprus based regulated CIF company which operates a number of Binary Options, Forex and CFD trading online brokerage brands, including OptionBit, ZoomTrader, RoyalPip, and NGN Broker
The greatest share of the fine, €70,000, was for providing investment counsel without permission.

The other portions of the fine broke down as follows:

€10,000 for not maintaining a sufficient internal control mechanism for the approval of advertising material.
€20,000 regarding improper outsourcing of activities to third parties, such as customer service and call center activities.
€30,000 for not acting in the customers best interests.
€30,000 for misleading adds.
€15,000 for providing information not gratified to clients.

Advantages of keyword suggestion tools

keyword suggestion tools help webmaster to find new keywords for organic search engine optimization and CPA campaigns advertising. keyword research tools offer several advantages for webmasters:

Webmasters can find great keywords for organic search engine optimization.
The tools enable the webmaster to find inexpensive keywords for Google AdWords campaigns.
reduces dependency t on a few competitive keywords.
helps to generate a constant flow of traffic through multiple keywords.
Instead of competing for general keywords, helps to find new keywords that will generate a better return on investment for a lower price.
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The Importance Of Choosing The Right Keywords

The importance of choosing the right keywords
The keywords that the webmaster chooses are the most crucial factors that determine the SEO project’s success

A top listing on Google or Yahoo can be totally useless if it is for the incorrect keyword.

If a website targets the incorrect keywords, the SEO expert waste a lot of time, energy and money.

Many believe that they already know the best keyword for their websites. If they haven’t done some research, they are usually mistaken. There is a logic for that:

potential customers know little about the product they are looking for. They don’t know the professional terminology and they might use totally different keywords. Just because a keyword is searched very often it doesn’t mean that you’ll get many customers. People who find
find the best keywords for the website. The time and efforts will pay back in no time.

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Learn to Trade in Investoo.com online Trading School

Learn to Trade in Investoo.com online Trading School Investoo.com was Launched in 2013, today is the world’s biggest online trading school .in Investoo.com traders can Improve their Success in Forex, Binary Options, and CFDs 500+ FREE Video Lessons,20,000+ Active Members, Binary Options Signals, Advanced Courses and Strategies, MT4 Indicators and Systems, FREE Binary Options, Signals for Beginners, Watch 400+ On-Demand Video Lessons and Download Investoo.com’s Binary MT4 Buy/Sell Indicators.